About Me


If you had to give me a label, I’d prefer “recovery activist.”

Hi, I’m Joseph Sharp, author of the #1 bestselling meth recovery book on Amazon, Quitting Crystal Meth: What to Expect & What to Do. My other two books are Living Our Dying (Hyperion, 1996) and Spiritual Maturity (Penguin, 2001). My writings on spirituality and recovery have been translated into German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Farsi, and Afrikaans. 

Some of my backstory: I graduated from University of Southern California and received and MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Other than the three books, among my many jobs I’ve worked are: a dishwasher, a short-order cook, a legal wordprocessor, and a chaplain for terminally-diagnosed cancer and AIDS patients at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas. I was born in Tyler, Texas (because Mineola, Texas didn’t have a hospital) in the early 1960s, so I’m in my mid-fifties. I currently hang my hat in Palm Springs, CA.

My interview in “Profiles in Recovery.”

It’s estimated that there are 2.5 million people addicted to meth worldwide. We’re a large and diverse community. But we’ve one thing in common that makes us brothers and sisters, we loved speed. Doesn’t matter if you snorted, smoked, booty bumped, or slammed, it took control of our lives and we became slaves.

It’s time to take our freedom back. Thousands of people have successfully quit crystal meth and are living clean and sober lives today. You can too.


Living the Full & Free Life After Crystal Meth & Addiction