Do I Really Need a Sponsor Who’s Been a Meth Addict?


For those who don’t do the 12 steps as part of your recovery program, I apologize. You might get absolutely nothing from the post below. But it is an important question for those who are doing 12 step work and I have a definite opinion on it.


Or, another way to put it: what if the person I want to sponsor me has great longtime sobriety in AA, but no personal experience with crystal meth?

One oldtimer, with over 20 years in AA, who’s never done meth, told me that whenever he’s asked, he encourages meth addicts to find another sponsor. “I’ve had two. One was successful. The other, a disaster. I just don’t know enough about it, especially the sexual component. The person that I was successful with came to me with six years of sobriety under his belt already, so we were just working on finishing the steps. But someone freshly sober? Find a sponsor who’s drug of choice was meth is what I say.”

He went on to compare sponsorship to one’s choice of meetings. The addicts he has known who’ve been successful in staying clean of meth go to both AA and CMA. AA for the models of longtime sobriety. CMA for the instant kinship.

But, yet another oldtimer I know, with over 30 years, sponsors several meth addicts though he’s never done the drug himself. “My condition is that they must also identify as alcoholics, since that was my drug. I know a lot about meth because of the many friends in recovery who’ve dealt with it, but I won’t sponsor someone unless they’ve got a dual addiction. If meth was your only thing, find a recovered meth addict for your sponsor. They’re plenty of ‘em out there.”

If the question, is, “Do I really need a recovered meth addict as a sponsor?” I think the answer is: yes, you do. Unless you’ve got a dual addiction that’s equally as strong and can find a sponsor who is also somewhat familiar with meth, I’d advise sticking to a former tweaker.

We just know each other’s tricks and bull so well. And that’s one of the things you definitely want in a sponsor, someone who can recognize your tweaker shit.