Is It Also Time to Quit Cigarettes?

If you smoke cigarettes, now is also a great time to quit them. Not just because quitting is good for you—which it is—but because ditching cigarettes actually increases your odds of successfully quitting meth . . . big time.

Here’s a tough statistic. If you smoke cigarettes, you have a 45% greater chance of relapse.

Why? Mostly because of chemicals added to the cigarettes that serve as “addiction boosters.” These addiction boosters actually open up the same receptors in your brain that are affected by meth. This means smoking cigarettes while trying to stop meth makes quitting much more difficult because you’re continually triggering those receptors in your brain into thinking meth is soon to follow. To put it simply, your brain associates the cigarette fix with a meth high.

Now here’s a great statistic: If you quit cigarettes at (or around) the same time you quit meth, you have a 25% better chance of successfully quitting meth than those who keep smoking. So, yes, now is indeed the time to quit smoking cigarettes.

Finally, consider this, especially if you haven’t quit or just quit: Since you are going to crash for a week or two anyway, you’ll be sleeping during much of your early-stage cigarette withdrawal. That’s really good news. I know people who quit meth and continued smoking cigarettes, but I know more who quit both together. Why not do your lungs and body a favor, and quit both at the same time? Besides, quitting tobacco will save you a lot of money, not to mention making your breath smell better.

Bottom line: though not absolutely essential, if you quit smoking cigarettes now, you will dramatically increase your odds at successfully quitting meth.

You CAN quit crystal meth.

Learning strategies to better maximize the possibility of truly quitting is what this blog and website is about. I hope it’s helped. Have a great summer. Peace.