July, 2017: QCM blog gets a face lift. We changed to a WordPress theme that is brightly colored.  We’re thinking positive reinforcement. Right?


February 5, 2017: QCM blog is listed by Feedspot in the Top Ten Meth Blogs. Inexplicably, QCM is #2. Huh? Really. You know who was #1? Reddit.


Jan 29, 2017: QCM blog is listed in U.K.’s “100 Addiction Blogs” (we are #52) and the “Top 80 Recovery Blogs of 216” (alphabetical list). Plus, the number of visitors to this website monthly averages over 20,000 a month.


January 1, 2017: the number of visitors to this website monthly averages just under 20,000 a month.


August 1, 2016: Joseph has an article published online in Harbor View Magazine.


July 22, 2016: The Translation Project gets underway with an Afrikaans (South Africa) translation of this website and book.


June 15, 2016: The first time Joseph blogs about relapsing. “Why Is It So Difficult to Admit My Relapse?”


May 4, 2016: Joseph is interviewed in “Profiles in Recovery.”


January, 2016: according to Google analytics this website reaches about 20,000 unique users every month, from well over a dozen countries.


March 20, 2014: article of mine is posted in “The 12 Things Your Gay Friends Don’t Want You to Know About Our New Epidemic, Crystal Meth.”


October 26, 2013: a great view of Quitting Crystal Meth from Kirkus Reviews

Excerpts read:

A step-by-step manual for quitting crystal meth, for addicts and those who want to help them.

Sharp, a former addict, presents a short, unsentimental and practical step-by-step guide to what methamphetamine addicts will face if they decide to quit. With patience, optimism and self-deprecating humor—not to mention an authoritative tone from his insider’s knowledge—Sharp makes the entire experience of quitting and getting healthy seem not only possible but deeply alluring.

A small book featuring an enormous amount of hard-won personal experience, calcifying into a commanding, reassuring guide for addicts to reclaim their lives.

Kirkus Reviews, 11/26/13

For the full review go to


July 2013:  The Kindle version of Quitting Crystal Meth: What to Expect & What to Do is now available. To go to the Amazon page, click here.


May 18, 2013:  Today we passed 10,000 views on this website! And, according to the analytics, a third of the people who find this site keep coming back to become regular readers. I’ll work hard to keep it interesting, relevant and a bit fun at times. (P.S. the Kindle is coming soon.)


May 13 2013:  The book, Quitting Crystal Meth: What to Expect & What to Do, is available on Amazon in the United States and much of Europe.


As of May 5th, the countries who view, in order of most views: United States, Australia, Canada, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, India, and Indonesia. Some of the cities, in order of most views: Palm Springs, Melbourne, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney, Perth, Dhaka, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, Oakland, Tampa, Chicago, Kuala Lumpur, Boca Raton, Dallas, Seattle, Sacramento, New York, San Antonio, Adelaide, London, Atlanta, and Brisbane.


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