Practice an Elevator Pitch for Saying “No”


In Hollywood, the “elevator pitch” is that short and sweet sales pitch (usually for a film) that is succinct, well-practiced and to the point. You always have your pitch at the ready, in case you happen to find yourself standing one day next to Steven Spielberg in an elevator.

For you, the elevator pitch is that immediate and practiced response you’ll give to anyone who offers you crystal meth. This particularly applies to people from your using days who you might encounter on the street, at the grocery store, online, or even, yes, in an elevator.

Whenever asked if you want to party, give your elevator pitch immediately and without reservation. Here are some examples for you to tinker with and make your own:

“No, thanks. I no longer party. Crystal almost destroyed my life. So, again, no.”

“No. I really have a problem with crystal and have quit. As my friend, I know you’ll understand. So please support me and don’t talk to me about this again.”

“No, thanks. Crystal was really messing with my health, so I’m not partying any more.”

Find your own elevator pitch and memorize it. Then you must PRACTICE YOUR PITCH, saying it forcefully and without reservation.

Practice, practice, practice. Imagine various scenarios where someone asks you to use with them, and practice saying your pitch. This is a great exercise to do with sober friends. Role play and take turns pretending to be that favorite dealer you’ve accidentally met on the Gatorade aisle at Albertsons. Take turns asking each other if you’d like to use, then practice your response. Get really good at your “no, thanks” pitch.

This way, if the situation occurs where someone offers you crystal, you’ll instantly respond with a well-practiced elevator pitch that flows quickly off your tongue.

And then get the hell out of that elevator, fast.