From Kirkus Reviews:

A step-by-step manual for quitting crystal meth, for addicts and those who want to help them.

The 2018 Updated Edition!

Sharp, a former addict, presents a short, unsentimental and practical step-by-step guide to what methamphetamine addicts will face if they decide to quit. Sharp not only knows the fears and worries of such addicts and their loved ones from firsthand experience, but he also knows the dodges and rationalizations they use to talk themselves out of getting the help they need; he’s used such rationalizations himself. This short book is full of quotes from former users who are now clean, and he explicitly tells readers what those quotes imply: They can quit.

With patience, optimism and self-deprecating humor—not to mention an authoritative tone from his insider’s knowledge—Sharp makes the entire experience of quitting and getting healthy seem not only possible but deeply alluring.

A small book featuring an enormous amount of hard-won personal experience, calcifying into a commanding, reassuring guide for addicts to reclaim their lives.

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Living the Full & Free Life After Crystal Meth & Addiction